She's LIVE!!!

PINK PISTACHIO is finally up making her debut! be sure to become a follower over on the new site so you can stay up to date! thanks to all of you, my original followers for inspiring me to go big! LOVE YOU!!!!



To all my LADIES!!! Eeeeeeek! Seriously, so close to being finished. Love how I thought I could totally throw a whole new blog together in a month! Bah! Who was I kidding! Anyone who's done this for realz, like the legit blogging knows there's ooodles and garbage to learn! So yeah. I've been workin' my boney-hiney off to bring you the love back ASAP! I hope you think it's worth the wait. :) Keep hangin... There'll be some major incentive to my beginning followers aka YOU my original readers!! KLOVEYABYE!


Helloooo Out There!! Anyone Home?!?

Okay so a year later I'm BAAACK! I had to shed my el b's after having the totally presh babykins and needed a break - BUT!!! This break has been full of brainstorming and DRESS MY LIFE is going BIG TIME Baby! I'm ready to SPLURGE all my sshhh secrets and fill you in on EVERYTHING! The tricks, the trends, tutorials, ways to save your doll-hairs (err kaching-a-linga) all while making it totally easy! Sound fun?!? Yeah, my life is. And your life will be too! Stay tuned... The goodness kicks off starting 2011!!! Merry Kiss-mas little lovelies! Get stoked!

P. "stinkin" S. We'll also be having a "new addition" to our blog! Hush, no, I'm not preggers again all ya'll! You're right, I do make delicious babykins but no. My cute lil' mini me SIL is becoming an author! Watch out - she's d-to the-arling, also happens to be a hair guru, & a very whimsy slash funky fashionista! Yes, yes... there's no denyin' dress my life is gonna get a whole lot hotter!!


Winter slash Holiday Trends 2009!!!

What are the latest hits for the holidays? Don't hate bc it's Hallow's Eve and I'm skippin' 'head...but no lie, it's that time to be thinking ahead to achieve the ultimate for Holiday 09! Psst, Deck your Do's this Season!

FAUX is SoOOoo Fabby! Don't kill a cutie lil' creature just to sport the carcass around on your back. It's all about FAUX FUR for this season! Yes finally fur that's 'fordable! Yes, this also includes animal prints. Betsey Johnson, H&M, Juicy, and Rachel Zoe are all dishing out lines that include faux!

Yes, sequins are what's bringing the bling back for the n'th time. Try the sequin touch with a vest, tank, or with accessories!

[alexander wang collection] A'hem...excuse me Miss, you have a run in your hoes. Oh wait, that's intentional? Got it. That's totally the trend right now - so tear 'em up ladies! Torn denim is still going to be a key character as well.

Salute your inner Military Goddess and add a structured slash punk rock slash luxury jacket to your ensemb.

You say chunky like it's a bad thing! For once, chunky implies Ooper Chic! Sport the chunky knit in the form of sweaters, hats, and obviously scarves!

[chanel] And last but not least, this whole nail dilemn is changing every which way this season. I've found that ones that will be consistent HOTT colors are mint greens, milky baby pinks, and bright cherry red! Get' em girls!

Mommy Needs a Moment

Well in the time I've been away, I've got myself wrapped up in becoming a mommy to be! Yes, it's true, lil' miss priss is gonna have a lil' lovie! Awww, I know...so presh! Now not only will I have to worry about me being fabby from H2T but also my rugrat! So in honor of mwah and all those other Mommy's out there. This post is dedicated to you and your mad dash to take a moment to unwind.

Here's How...

1) Repair Your Hair:
My MIL taught me this AMAZING trick for getting perfectly conditioned WITH the va-va-voolume! Shampoo your hair using a clarifying shampoo (I prefer Aveda's Scalp Benefits). Rinse and ring out the water in your hair. Then apply your conditioner (all over including the roots...gasp! I know...normally a major no no). Let it sit for a few minutes and then rinse. Shampoo your hair again focusing on the scalp but not so much the ends. When you rinse, your hair will still feel silky soft. Once you blow dry and style you'll really see the results! Thanks, Nana!

2) Soothe Your Senses:
Heat up some water in a pot or micro until almost bowling. Pour it into a large bowl and add a few drops of your favorite essential oil (i heat eucalyptus or lavender). Lean your freshly washed face over the bowl and allow the steam to penetrate your skin. The oils will calm your senses at the same time!

3) Freshen That Face:
After your "steam" treatment apply a clay based mask to really get a clean glow!

4) Buff Before Bed:
Uh, say what? You heard me...even if you don't have time for a whole kit and kaboodle pedicure you can soften those tired toes. Soak your twinkle-toes in warm water for ~ 5 mins. Then buff using a handle buffer to smooth away rough skin. Layer on the thick stuff moisturizer and slide into some comfy socks before you hit the hay!


Copper is SOOO Katy Perry!

Fashionistas, I'm BAAAACK! Sorry for the lil' delay. I've had a detour to say the least. But lets get crackin'. I found this must-do make-up look this afternoon and I'm gettin' Tee Hee's {heart giggles} all over the place. I didn't even have to "kiss the girl or like it" Ew! SO wrong! But we can "shut up and put your money..." where your makeup should be.

To achieve the look start with a light application of a copper hue of shadow on the upper lid. Add contoured chocolate brown on top to the upper lid. Trace the lower lash line heavily with the same copper shadow used above. Don't forget the 'scara... I'm obsessed with the new one for Bare Esscentuals that lengthens! So fabby! What do my lil' beautinistas think? Love it or loathe it?


Saks 5th Ave: FREE Fekkai Exchange!!!

Mark your calendars, lil' ladies bc on September 17, if you bring ANY (i'm talkin' ANY..a'hem even you Suave lovers out there) kind of Shamie-poo into a Saks Fifth Avenue store they'll exchange your full-size bottle of whateva for a full-size complimentary Fekkai Advanced Shampoo (a $23 value)! Um...hello? Go out and buy a son of a biscuit's no name brand if you don't want to part ways with your favie at home. You'll still be on top! One per beautinista, while supplies last.

CLICK HERE for a location near you!!!


September: Aerie A-List FREEBIE!

Are you an Aerie A-List member? Then Setember is all 'bout the undie-panties. Some cover more surface area than others... a'hem if ya know what I mean. Diff strokes for diff blokes. They give you, the fashionista, the option to choose your free undie of choice. So head into an Aerie store on any Thursday this month to snag yours!


It's PEEVE Time!!!

I hate to say this, actually I don't bc it's the whole truth - I loathe some lil' things. Seeing this pic this morning just set me off. WHY, I ask...

For the Nth time, Jess Alba has gone from Brunette to Blondie. Why don't you stick with what mother nurture/nature gave you. Trust me, she knows best. 100% dark brunettes should not go the blonde root - it just looks brassy and totally un-classy. What's your take? Yay or nay?

Other lil' pet peevies that are under my skin as of late (all language related):

-When people say, "Anywho!" ahhhh - make the nails on the chalkboard STOP!
-Profanity - droppin' the F bomb at any age doesn't make you younger/older depending on the way you look at it
-When people say, "You know what?" - how am i supposed to know when you haven't even told me yet?

What's totally awesome though? I looove making up NEW and UNUSED words! It's my latest trend... Say "MONKEY" the next time you want to drop a stupie expletive.


What's Wrong w/White?

So um...hi. Feeling a lil' neglected? Yeah, me too - BAH! I've been wrapped up in a fashionista's paradise with a new fashion fwd jobbie-poo. But this is besides the point. Well, actually it leads me to my point via a story.

I was promoting a beautiful WHITE hobo handbag to a clueless cutie-ba-tootie boy toy. He was wanting one for his BFF GF! The bag was a sealed deal bc it's seriously gorge! But his hang-up? The old wive's tale: "NO WHITE AFTER LABOR DAY!" gimick.

So whadda ya think, lil' fashionistas? Can you wear white after L-day? My answer is short n' sweet: HOLLA Yeah!

BUT... be cautious of materials... thin linen white? Um...wrongo! But you get the pic.

What's your take? Spill it!

FREE Undie From AERIE!!!

It's time to make give yer lil' keester slash tushie-tush some spoilage. Let's be honest - all that sittin' deserves something totally spesh! And speaking of all the labor your lil' rumpster goes through - on LABOR Day... you can score this dealeroo!

Want to find a store near you? Or browse your options beforehand? CLICK HERE!!!

AVEDA Birthday Club!!

CLICK HERE to JOIN!! You know you deserve the Royal Treatment on your birthday. Sheesh! You're the Queen for kingdom's sake!

GAP: (RED) Concert Series!!!

(RED)NIGHTS is off to a great start with the success of our first round of shows, including Santigold, O.A.R., The Veronicas and many more. While summer is winding down, (RED)NIGHTS is going strong into the fall, with a handful of new artists that will be turning their shows (RED). As you know by now (RED)NIGHTS is a concert series that saves lives and we’re honored to have these amazing artists joining us.

Here's the upcoming lineup:

Ingrid Michaelson @ Paradise, Boston on September 12th & at the House of Blues, San Diego on October 3rd

Sondre Lerche @ Paradise, Boston on September 13th

Joshua Radin @ the House of Blues, Chicago on September 24th

Brandi Carlile @ the House of Blues, Chicago on September 25th

Thievery Corporation @ the House of Blues, Dallas on October 4th & @ the Fillmore, Miami on October 9th

Built To Spill @ the Fillmore, San Francisco on October 31st & November 1st

Can't make it to the show? But want in on the music? CLICK HERE for (RED)NIGHTS web site!!!

Layer's Clothing!!!



September is YOGA Month!!

Calling all Yoga NEwBIES (yes, and even those of you who are rather rusty slash stale)!!! Here's your chance to bust a serious downward dog slash warrior pose of your own for one wonderful week of FREE YOGA!!

Um...hi. No better time than the present (such it is such a gift slash present). September is YOGA month - so our good friends at yogamonth.org are hookin' us up.

Not only will you clear your mind, be crazzy sore afterwards, and see your arm flabby firm up... but you'll become a HUGE fan! I promise, the whole "I feel like I'm playing a game of TWISTER - MAKE IT STOP!" syndrome will fade after day 2 or 3 and you'll want to bust out your yoga mat all the time!

Ooo, I get Tee-Hee's {heart giggles} just thinking about my enthusiasm for yoga (including my totally presh hot pink mat)!!


Psst! For those of you who are all about "I'll do it - if Celeb's do" than you're in luck! Aniston, Maddona, Witherspoon, Thurman, and Paltrow swear it's the best secret to a smokin' slim bod! [pic of reese witherspoon from insider.com]

Aveda: FREE Green Science Firming Creme

From the September issue of Spa Magazine: Want to try a sample of Green Science Firming Creme? Head into an Aveda store(s) and blast them with the password “Organic Cactus”. CLICK HERE to find an Aveda store near you.


Clinique: FRESH Faces Tour!!

Get READY for your CLOSE-UP, Lil' Fashionistas!! Visit the Clinique Tour Truck to get your makeup done professionally, have your pic taken by a pro, snag free goodies, and even have a chance to win the Clinique Fresh Faces Contest! Say, "Cheese!"



DIY Hair Detox

Crash diets are for CRrrazies!!! But lets be honest for same um... one sec? Every once in a while, we all need a little detox--and that includes our luscious locks. Yes, Miss Miranda Kerr - a Victoria's Secret model 100% totally concurs with the hair detox. Imagine hairdo after do after day after day...the ends might be screamin' "I'm turnin' into a bleepin' broom!" So how do you restore the bouncy flouncy back to your hair? Whip this lil' magic up in your very own kitchen!!

Kerr's Recipe in her own words:

"I take one tablespoon of olive oil and a small squeeze of lemon, and put it on my hair before bed," Kerr says. "It's an amazing natural hair treatment for dry ends!"

Um...hi. A lil' tid-bitty: When getting this beauty sleep, don't rest your head on your fave pillowcase; this blend can leave a little fruity-smelling residue behind. May I even suggest a showercap? ;)

FREE Husby's Shave Kit

Does the man in your life and/or husby deserve a lil' primpage action? Lather him up with love from UrbanDaddy! He'll get this FREE shave kit AND a $25 gift card to use towards another one in the future! This is a smooth deal!


Old Navy Weekly: Hiding Spots!!!


10% off any Kid’s Item – Move the white heart on Natalie (red hair) to Kimmie (heart sweater).

15% off Item of the Week – Move the 0 on top of the 9 on the gray and navy rugby shirt.

$5 off $25 Purchase – Located in the video. Placement changes with each refresh, so try hovering on it with your mouse to see when it turns into a hand and then click.

$10 off $50 Purchase – Click on “Storefront Celebs On-The-Go. Answer to the question is Heather.

25% off any Purchase – Move the yellow headphons from Kimmie’s head to the purse Michelle (modelquin with car) has on her shoulder.

$50 off $100 Purchase – Move the star to the left of “KNIT WITS” to on top of the word “STARS” in “What the STARS are wearing…”

$75 off $100 Purchase – Keep clicking on the car tail light.